Course Channels

The necessary videos for the course will be uploaded into Youtube channel. Communication for the course will be handled through the Discord App. After installing the app, you need to be a member of this Discord Server.

All the submissions are going to be uploaded to the following link: . The link will be active for the whole semester. After each deadline the files are going to be moved to another location. Therefore late submissions are not going to be accepted.

For the online meetings we will use the Virtual Class Application on Black Board.

I also recommend you to be in front of your computer at a table with pens, pencils and papers ready at hand. Probably you have also experienced that meetings with camera on can give us a closer experience resembling traditional courses.

If you are unable to attend a class or submit your assignments because of a technical problem, you need to inform me (via Discord or E-Mail) at least a day before. Otherwise you will be noted as absent or your work as not submitted.

The course is an elective one and I assume that you are interested in the subject.

All the participants have read and agreed those conditions if they are registered for the course.