İstanbul Bilgi University ID 484 : Visiting Designer 2020/1

Designing with a Theory in Mind - Fazıl Akın

In this course we will explore how to design things/spaces or atmospheres using theories of sociology, psychology, physics or other disciplines. In this explorative approach you will be guided through two different projects where we will use theories of psychology, sociology or a different discipline. Theories are meant to make us understand certain phenomena we encounter, through using them we would find new approaches for designing which otherwise we would miss.

The course have an explorative stance where as a group we all going to experiment with different theories. My role as the lecturer will be an experienced explorer, some of the theories we will experiment with were the ones I have used myself during my own design research practise, others would be the ones which I have explored during my previous courses or workshops. I highly encourage every participant to bring their own theories of interest so we can have a richer exploration ground. Those theories could be from every possible disciple you can imagine, we all together would then find out how those theories could make us design new things/spaces or atmospheres.

Elective Course Presentation on 25th of September, 2020 @ Zoom